Duo of Sarah Lean books: 
The Riverbank Otter and Duckling Days
I would recommend these two amusing books to a slightly younger age group (7 ). They were very entertaining and made me think about my grandmothers and our society today.
The Riverbank Otter

There is only one way to say this: May Days, grandmother to Tiger Days, is not your storybook grandmother. In fact, she is not very normal at all.

This story is about a girl called Tiger. Her grandmother, May Days, lives at Willowgate House, and when Tiger visits, there is always a surprise waiting for her. In ‘The Riverbank Otter’, Tiger makes a new friend, Lucky, an otter. She is given important jobs by the vet, to feed and care for Lucky, but also to find him a suitable home on the river.

Meanwhile, things with her friend Tom are starting to get a bit complicated. Tiger wants the old boatshed to be a nature-spotters den, but Tom wants to be a pirate explorer. They fix up an old boat and use it to both of their advantages. This book has a happy ending and I enjoyed it.

Duckling Days

Once again, I enjoyed this book, but I felt younger children could also enjoy it.
In this escapade, Tiger is asked to look after some duckling eggs. Soon enough, the ducklings are making mischief wherever they go as they learn to walk and swim. But, they need a home and Tiger has to find one.

To add to this drama, Tiger finds out some information and thinks May Days is going to go back to Africa! She discovers the history of Willowgate House, uncovers mysterious secrets and reorganises an event which used to be annual as well as finding hidden artefacts! It sure is a busy trip for Tiger, May and their duckling friends!

FictionFan1 Rating: 7.5/10

NOTE: These are the 3rdand 4th books in the series of four but I don’t think it matters if you haven’t read the others.

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About the author: Sarah Lean is an English children’s author. Her most famous book is ‘A Dog Called Homeless’ which she wrote in 2012.

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