The Secret Cooking Club by Laurel Remington

When I first read this book I absolutely loved cooking, it was my favourite hobby, and not to boast, I was pretty good at it too. Some things in life never change, but some do. I still have a passion for cooking but unfortunately it’s not the same urge it used to be. So I read this book, having chosen it for the title, not even having read the blurb, which for me is very rare, and really enjoyed it.
All this was nearly a year ago, but it still often visits my bedside table, something to pull me back in to the real world if I have read something too graphic, or even too boring. Now, these visits also make me realise how lucky I am.

We live in a world where, let’s face it, society is not always equal, and bullying is not just a story, but most of us have a chance to leave that world every now and again, through perhaps a book, a holiday, a friend, or even just a hug.  The Secret Cooking Club gives me a window in to that ideal world. All the events in it could easily be real and that just gives it an air of happiness, even understanding.

To give you a brief synopsis, The Secret Cooking Club gives you an insight into the life of a 12 year old named Scarlett. She is both the star and victim of her mum’s blog and wishes she could fall through a hole in the ground every Friday when her mum’s blog is published. Hopefully that is not the case for any of my lovely readers!

When her neighbour is taken to hospital and Scarlett visits to feed the cat, she discovers a huge kitchen, just on the other side of her living room wall. Scarlett finds herself returning, and soon forms a cooking club.

This book gives some reassurance that there is always good in the world, and you can always make the best of a difficult situation. I would tell you more but then I would have to have a big red sign saying !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! so I won’t, but once you’ve read it please comment below!

FictionFan1 Rating: 8.5/10

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About the author: Laurel Remington writes children’s and teen fiction and is also a mum to three girls. Her daughters love to cook and provided inspiration for this novel. She also visits schools to encourage children to read and write more.

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