The Geek Girl series by Holly Smale

In the Geek Girl series there are six books; I have decided to review them as a series. They all link together perfectly and flow, almost as if they were one long book.

The first book gives a fitting introduction. It explains the characters and in short gives a brief synopsis of the series. The next four books, are the jam in the sandwich, the real meat. They share the story between them and each split is clearly just where it should be. The final book in this emotional series, finishes off the journey. The series ends thoughtfully though, almost a happy ending.

In short, this series is the story of the protagonist Harriet’s love life, her career and friendship. It is so moving and is a series I will remember forever.

Although I could ramble about the positives, every book has its fair share of cons. For this series, and remember I’m talking about the whole series here, I think it goes on slightly. I want to reveal that straight away. I think that with some more ‘clues’, the story would just click, it needs some more twists and turns in my opinion, just one more push.

I may be telling you about the things I didn’t enjoy as well as those I did, but I don’t want you to get me wrong here; I love this series and it is engraved in my heart. I would say it is aimed at tweenagers, probably from the age of about 10, but that shouldn’t stop anyone older or younger reading the series. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if mum enjoyed it!

FictionFan1 Rating: 8/10

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About the author: Holly Smale tells almost her own story in Geek Girl. Aged 15, she was spotted by a modelling agency and after falling over on catwalks and breaking expensive items, she decided to become a writer instead!

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