A New World

Hi friends,

The past few weeks have been crazy, to say the least, with the advent of a coronavirus pandemic. Never thought I’d write those words! We’re trying to adjust to all of us being at home all the time. There are parts that are wonderful and parts that are challenging.

Concerts have been canceled, so Mark is home for a good long while (that’s wonderful for me! maybe not as much for him). Preschool is out, so we’ve got all 4 littles home full time. I’m having trouble finding diapers, wipes and sometimes milk (!) at the stores and that can be stressful. It’s a strange time.

Since two of the kids are pretty used to doing school at home, that part has been great. It’s actually given us some sense of normalcy to have our regular learning, just like we always do. There are a few things we’re going to forgo because attention spans are shorter and distraction is high. We’re substituting with a lot more nature time, art, and tuning into some of our favorite writers, artists, chefs, etc. as they share on various platforms.

Here the boys are getting to watch Oliver Jeffers read his books live. One of our all-time favorites is Stuck. If you have young children or grandchildren and they don’t have that book, it would be the perfect panacea for this pandemic. It always makes us laugh.


Other bright sides to this hard time:

  • We’ve used our sidewalk chalk to make pictures and notes along our walking route for our neighbors. And, when it rains, we can just do it over and over and over…
  • We’ve learned how to draw dinosaurs and aliens with Mike Lowry, another favorite of ours. What a huge treat!
  • We’ve fallen in love with Mac Barnett, another children’s author. We’ve enjoyed a few of his books before this, but now we are lifelong fans.
  • For me, I’m trying not to look too often at the news, so at night I’m turning back to books, and I’ve read some great ones lately (Interior Chinatown, The Girl With the Louding Voice, and more)
  • We are using Wednesdays as family cleaning day. Not cleaning our family, but cleaning our house. It has been awesome bonding, and probably my favorite thing we do now.
  • We’re really learning how to use less, waste less, be creative with our stuff. I’m not letting a single scrap of food go in the trash. Either someone eats it or I find a way to get it into tomorrows lunch 😉
  • One of my biggest joys is that we’ve been learning sign language together. Everyday we learn a few new signs, and it’s just such a beautiful way to communicate. The kids love practicing their new signs too.

There are lots more things I’m grateful for during this time, but these are just a few. The days are slower, but not necessarily less full.

Since it’s pretty busy for us as a family at the moment, I’ve decided to switch to sharing on Instagram mostly. I will get back into writing some articles here, someday, but not right now.

If you’d like to follow along on Instagram, there will be lots more photos and day-to-day stuff that we’re doing. You can find us @learningintolight

Finally, I wanted to share an article from one of my inspirations when it comes to schooling…Sara, from Happiness is Here, has a lovely post just today about this new normal that a lot of families are facing and how our children can thrive in it. Maybe it will be helpful to someone you know who’s trying to juggle their whole new world. 🌎

Lots of love and light,