A Note From Little Mole…

Hello World!

Little Mole here! Glenys gave me permission to take over her blog to tell you all about my first month of life. Yes, that’s right, you did hear correctly… I am now just one month old, and a very exciting first month it has been!

In my first four weeks of life, after I’d plucked up courage to venture from my burrow, I traveled all the way over the ocean, to England, where I landed in the lap of this adorable new baby (who just happens to be the great-nephew of Glenys, and who she hasn’t even met yet). But just look how much he loves me! And honestly, who can blame him? I’m kind of cute…

I can already tell that Edison and I are going to be best buddies. (After all, we’re almost the same age… he’s just a couple of months older than me.) Apparently, when his nana asked him what his favorite part of the book was, he squealed when she said ‘daffodils.’  Guess what? The dancing yellow daffodils just happen to be my favorite part too!

As well as capturing the hearts of children around the world, I’ve also managed to earn almost 60 five-star reviews on Amazon (who can help a mole out? I just need one more!)

I’ve appeared in lots of literary reviews, burrowed onto library bookshelves,am about to make my appearance in several schools for March Reading Month, and will soon be making my debut in storytimes at Barnes and Noble and Baker Books!

But wait… that’s not all! Last week Glenys bought a cute mole puppet (just like me) and as I speak (did you know moles can speak?) there’s two wonderful ladies working furiously away with their needles and thread to make a blue jacket, red hat and stripey scarf for me to wear when I make my appearance at these book events! I can’t wait to see my jacket (which is in the mail) and here’s a sneaky peek at my hat…

Isn’t that the cutest! So, if you haven’t met me yet, please do come to one of these events, or order me from Amazon or your favorite Indie store. You won’t be disappointed!

One last thing, World.. if you’d like to win me for free, there’s six more giveaways at the blogs listed below. You know you should enter!


Little Mole xxx

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