A ‘purrfect’ start to the Christmas season!

Catnap Stories go on sale at some of Kent’s Christmas Markets

This story starts on the 19th October 2018 when
the first idea was borne about creating a series of children’s adventure
stories. Following on from the tragic loss of her beloved cat Mikki who was Heidi’s
beautiful black cat for 16 wonderful years, Heidi decided to create the first
cat adventure. Drawing on her love of cats, travel and languages Heidi decided
to start writing about her beloved animals in the first adventure story where
Vince the Cat goes to the City of Love – Paris.

Vince was Heidi’s cat when she was nine years old and she
loved him dearly. The two were inseparable – he went everywhere she did. While
Heidi was of school age, Vince used to walk with her the short way up the road
in which they lived and he would wait there patiently until she returned home
from school.

Within the space of just 5 weeks since the initial idea came
to Heidi to write these new books,
the first adventure story had been written, illustrated, designed and published
and was now printed and ready to be taken out into the public domain at the
Kentish Christmas Markets.

Heidi Bryant is an inspirational new author from Kent whose drive,
energy and passion has made the creation of these enchanting new stories
possible in such a short space of time.

During December, we met some wonderful people from Kent at
the Christmas Bazaar in Bredhurst run by the Cats Protection League. We spent
three days at the beautiful Rochester Castle Christmas Market and were also
fortunate enough to be able to promote the new book at the Coop in Walderslade
village – thanks to the lovely store managers there Alana and Martin.

Thanks to the amazing parents, grandparents, friends and
families of local, national and foreign shoppers the first edition in the Catnap
Stories first ever book ‘The Adventures of Vince the Cat – Vince Goes to Paris’
went on sale to the people of Kent. The first edition of the book was a roaring
success – Shoppers lapped up the personally signed issues of this inspirational
new story for children.

Thank you to everyone who wished Heidi ‘good luck’ and to those
who bought the first edition.

Merry Christmas everyone!