Alligator Baby

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Alligator Baby is another hilarious and fun book from the author Robert Munsch and illustrator Michael Marchenko. A little girl named Kristen is excited to meet the new baby her parents are bringing home form the hospital. However, these silly parents have made a mistake and unveil that there has been a mix up on the way to the hospital! Each time the parents leave they come back to slowly unwrap and blanket and present a different zoo animal baby. Every time a baby zoo animal is revealed Kristensays, “”That is not my baby brother!”” and her mother replies, “”Now, Kristen, don’t be jealous.” Kristen, being the smart little girl, she is, takes it upon herself to find her sibling. She figures out that her sibling has been misplaced at the zoo, and goes about correcting the mistake her parents have made. As usual in a Robert Munsch and Michael Marchenko book there’s a surprise and hilarious twist in the end. Michael Martchenko’s cartoony art tell a story themselves. The illustrations are silly and slapstick and often portray details that the written words don’t. Mr. Munsch makes great use of repetition with amin phrases that children love and help them to develop language and literacy skills that translate to actually reading later on. If you are an educator or you just like to extend books that you read with your children this is a perfect book for it. “Alligator Baby” can open up conversations about the zoo, animal rights, and new siblings in an age appropriate way. Have a fun and silly time with your three to six-year-olds and read “Alligator Baby” together today.

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