Amazing Daddy – Children’s Book Review

Baby Panda loves spending his day with Daddy Panda and misses him when he is at work. A cute story that celebrates the beautiful relationship between father and child. Dads are strong, dads are smart but most importantly dads are so much fun!

While my son has outgrown this book now but there was a time when we used to read it often during bedtime and laugh especially at the line – “I love it when we stay in bed to snuggle up for a while”. This is an everyday scenario in my household, especially on Sundays. It’s quite impossible to pull the daddy out of bed and our little sonny boy who is 8 now, loves to laze around with his father on Sundays. Every Sunday, both of them will not get out of the bed unless I threaten them or pull the curtain out to let the bright sunshine enter the room.

Written by Rachel Bright who is also the author of the Lion Inside series, this book is about a day in the life of a father & child Panda doing different things together throughout the day.

There are many things beautiful about this book but the most important one – it’s relatable.

Bright illustrations, rhyming language, this one makes a great read for younger kids below 6 years age group.

It’s also one of those sweet books that would make a wonderful gift for dads of little kids on Father’s Day, or at any time of the year. But we have to confess, our all-time favorite father’s day book and movie is Finding Nemo

And as we have been doing it during the lockdown, we’re trying to recommend books that also have digital versions available, so that you have quick access to books to keep your little ones engaged at home. This one is available as read-aloud here. You can listen to it while your physical copy arrives :).

Suitable for: 3 to 6 years.

Title: Amazing Daddy

Author: Rachel Bright

Illustrator: Rachel Bright

Publisher: Orchard Books

Available on Amazon & Kindle here.

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