Awesome books for children on Kindle Unlimited

It’s that time of the year again! Holidays, Blanket, Hot Chocolate and a Book – Winters are so much fun for book lovers, isn’t it? 

While we love physical books and our house is stacked with hundreds of books in different nooks and corners but with time we also have moved to Kindle to some extent. We can’t deny the convenience of having a Kindle especially when you travel a lot. To add to that, for mommies like me, when the light is switched off at night while the junior is sleeping next to us, Kindle is like a boon. Reading continues uninterrupted even at night :-).

For junior, we have so far exposed him to physical books only and not kindle or e-books. Though in one of our recent holiday trips, we ran out of the books that we were carrying for him to read and that made me browse the children section of Kindle Unlimited. We have the subscription for long but we have been using it primarily for our books. But to my surprise, Kindle Unlimited is loaded with very good books for children.

We browsed and read a lot of titles and thought to share some hidden gems in Kindle Unlimited (India) subscription with all of you. So, here are some of the interesting children book titles that we found on our Kindle Unlimited subscription: 

  • Ruskin Bond: In case you are fond of Ruskin Bond, which I am assuming everyone is :-), there are some interesting titles available including “The Essential Collection For Young Readers” and “The Whistling Schoolboy”. These are a perfect read for 6 years age group and have the classic Ruskin Bond charm to them – simple stories packed with positivity and happiness. The second book, in fact, is around school moments and hence have an additional charm to read during holidays
Children Book Review

Ruskin Bond l Kiddingly

Suitable for: 6 years 

Author: Ruskin Bond

Publisher: Rupa Publications India

Available on Amazon here and here.

  • Tom Gates: This was an absolute yay moment for the little one, oh yes, different titles of Tom Gates series are available on Kindle Unlimited and some of them were new to him. Oh, his delight :-). Now, do we need to give an introduction to Tom Gates by Liz Pichon? You can read our earlier post on Tom Gates here. But for my son these days, what’s a holiday without some Tom Gates and Captain Underpants?

Tome Gates l Kiddingly

Suitable for: 7 years

Author: Liz Pichon

Publisher: Scholastic UK

Available on Amazon here.

  • Kind Ninja: A very cute book about teaching kindness in children from Ninja Life Hacks series. Kind Ninja earlier used to think only about himself but some incidents happened, after which he got changed to a very caring and kind being. Everyone loves this new kind Ninja and this makes him happy about the change. 

Kind Ninja l Kiddingly

Suitable for: Below 5 years

Author: Mary Nhin

Publisher: Grow Grtt Press LLC

Available on Amazon here. 

  • Where do Elves Go On Vacation? A rhyming book for little ones about Elves and where do they go on vacation after their work is done. It’s cute, fun and packed with beautiful gorgeous illustrations that can ignite the imagination of little ones in myriad ways. Kim Ann’s books are generally very cute and adorable and this one is no different. 

Where Do Elves Go On Vacation l Kiddingly

Suitable for: Below 5 years

Author: Kim Ann

Illustrator: Nejla Shojaie

Available on Amazon here.

The Ant Thief: A beautiful story for kids to teach them about the importance of hard work and why one shouldn’t lie or steal. It’s the story of Noira, the ant who wears a diamond ring and tells everyone it is a gift from a king, for bravery. She becomes famous as the Great Traveller Ant. But the fact is Noira is a thief. Read on to know how Noira learned some hard lessons in life. Loved the way the author has taught such important lessons in a story format.

The Ant Thief l Kiddingly

Suitable for: 3 years

Author: Gita V. Reddy

Illustrator: Gita V. Reddy

Available on Amazon here.

Do give these books a try and let us know if you liked any of them. In case you would like to receive more book recommendations and free activities around books and stories from Kiddingly, please leave your details here. We promise we won’t be using your email id for anything except discussing books and stories for children.

Happy winters, happy reading

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