TEENS– IT’S EASY, IT’S FAST, & IT’S OUT NOW: ON-THE-GO Devotional, 200 Devotions for Teens, by Leslie Hudson

   https://patriciatimbrook.wordpress.com/2020/01/14/teens-its-easy-its-fast-its-out-now-on-the-go-devotional-200-devotions-for-teens-by-leslie-hudson B & H Publishing Group’s ON-THE-GO Devotional (200 Devotions for Teens)  2019 book for young people may be […]

They Are Out There! And They Are “KID-COOL!”: Book Reviews about THANK YOU, MERCURY; DEAR PLUTO; & THE MOON SHOW

               https://patriciatimbrook.wordpress.com/2020/01/14/they-art-out-there-and-they-are-kid-cool-book-reviews-about-dear-pluto-thank-you-mercury-the-moon-show While we may not know that the Greeks called a star, astron, […]