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December 2019, reviewed and approved by

Catnap Stories – Vince Discovers the Wonder of Seville is now reviewed and approved by We are super happy to have received some amazing and informative reviews of our latest book. Details of which can be found below:

Heidi and her friend, Adele go on a short trip to Seville and take their cat Vince with them. We are taken around the city and shown the usual tourist sites and do the usual tourist activities. It’s a sort of youngsters travel book. Quite a bit of Spanish is spoken when in conversation with the locals, and I was pleased and relieved to see, at the back of the book, a translation of all the phrases. This is a great book for children learning Spanish at primary or early secondary school level. It’s well set out in a situation type story and the illustrations show clearly the types of buildings and street scenes we would see in Seville.

Chris Woolfenden, A LoveReading4Kids Ambassador


This book was very enjoyable and I learnt a bit of Spanish as well.

Diana Mason

I think it is a fabulous idea to use cats to show the title of the book on the front cover. The entire front cover will get the children and pet lovers attention right away. This shows how cats enjoy experimenting and finding out new things each day. They seem to have no fear.

I enjoyed the book. Vince is a very lucky cat. He has Heidi who looks after him and takes him everywhere with her, including on holiday, abroad. In this book, they go to Seville in Spain (Andalusia). Heidi starts practising her Spanish with the locals. Adele explains what Heidi is saying, as she asks where their hotel is. Once settled, Vince looks out the window and sees a little kitten on top of an awning, peering over the edge. It looks like the kitten is going to fall, so Vince goes to save her. When he gets the kitten safely back, Heidi and Adele take her to a vet. The kitten is not chipped or had its needles, so they get that and arrange a passport for her, as the vet thinks she is a stray. They name the kitten “Eivissa”.

During all the sightseeing, Vince saves Eivissa twice more from danger.

This book was very enjoyable and I learnt a bit of Spanish as well. The author is very thoughtful, as she has put a guide on the Spanish words and phrases and how to pronounce the words on the pages at the end of the book.

I loved it.

Jane Brown

Beautiful, a great adventure, culture, beautiful Seville and the chance for kids and parents to learn a little bit of Spanish along the way. Vince is the hero rescuing a cat just a beautiful fun book. I loved it.

An informative and delightful read.

Drena Irish

The Adventures of Vince the Cat Vince Discovers the Wonder of Seville is the third book in Heidi Bryant’s Catnap Stories series, the first two being set in Paris and India respectively. They are books to inspire children to explore the idea of new places, cultures and languages and dedicated to Vince and the author’s other cats, who appear in the stories.

Following Heidi, her friend Adele and, of course, Vince the cat on a short break in the historic city of Seville, we are treated to a visual feast of the best tourist sites the place has to offer through charmingly simple and colourful illustrations. The equally simple text is beautifully woven between the pictures. Some of the text is in Spanish, however, but as the glossary and hints on pronunciation don’t appear till the end of the book, I think it might have been more helpful to have placed them nearer to the conversations they relate to.

Young children will really enjoy this book. The author’s love for cats shines through and they are portrayed as mischievous and lovable companions. And even if you’ve never been or don’t intend to go to Seville, the city’s amazing architecture and fascinating culture will intrigue the reader. An informative and delightful read.

I love this concept of teaching a child a language and combining it with facts about the country being visited and then wrapping it all in a story about a cat.

Pauline Braisher

I love this concept of teaching a child a language and combining it with facts about the country being visited and then wrapping it all in a story about a cat. I thought the story was interesting enough to hold the attention and the facts about Seville were very informative. I also liked the illustrations. I know the book is aimed at children but I think adults learning Spanish would benefit from reading it too. As a cat-lover and a foreign language speaker, I would be happy to read the other books in the series.