Catnap Stories Trilogy

Summer 2019 saw the Launch of this Fabulous Trilogy of Inspirational Stories

Children all over the world can now start to learn about Vince’s adventures to some amazing places and cities. In these stories, children will be introduced to the languages, cultures, famous places, festivals, food, animals, sports and lots lots more.

The stories have been written in a way that subtly introduces language and educational material into each adventure. In the first book – Vince Goes to Paris and in the third book Vince Discovers the Wonder of Seville the local language has been weaved into the story. At the very back of each book you will find a comprehensive glossary and pronunciation suggestions to help both children and adults learn to speak either French or Spanish as the locals do.

The author Heidi Bryant collaborated with her French School Teacher Mrs Walsh on the first book after they became reunited a few years ago. Mrs Walsh taught Heidi French at Grammar School from 1986 until 1993 and it was a chance meeting, on Mrs Walsh’s birthday one year that enabled them to create a new adult friendship. Mrs Walsh was an inspiration to Heidi throughout her secondary school years.

Through her books, Heidi would love to inspire children and parents to learn to love foreign languages and benefit the many advantages that come from being able to speak another language.

Parents of children who have already bought the books have very often commented to Heidi that they really enjoyed learning the new language with their children and that they felt confident in helping their children speak the languages correctly.

If you would like more details about our language books, please drop us a message via the Contact Us page or go to the individual book pages for more details. In the Catnap Store you can also see a few pages from the inside of each of the books.

Happy Learning