Catnap Stories will soon be arriving in Qatar…

October sees the continuation of our trips to schools to introduce our inspirational stories for children.

Following on from successful visits to primary schools here in the UK; conducting writing workshops, Q&A sessions, competitions and talks about how to become an author. Heidi Bryant is now embarking on a new adventure to the Middle East where she hopes to secure a new fan base for her inspirational children’s books under the Catnap Stories brand.

Almost a year ago to the day, Heidi started writing her first book, ‘The Adventures of Vince the Cat – Vince Goes to Paris’. A story that enables parents to teach their child how to speak French, even if the parent doesn’t speak the language!! A book that has been featured in ‘Living in France’ magazine and has proven very popular in French-speaking areas of Canada.

Fast forward to today and her trilogy is attracting global attention; Vince Discovers the Golden Triangle and Vince Discovers the Wonder of Seville along with Vince Goes to Paris are all stories about an amazing little grey and white cat who loves to travel. An amazing train journey beckons in Vince Discovers the Golden Triangle where Vince plays polo on the back of elephants, meets the Bengal tiger and is covered in multi-coloured powdered paint in ‘Incredible India’.

July 2019, witnessed the launch of the third book in the series Vince Discovers the Wonder of Seville where from the start readers are completely immersed in the Spanish language and the beautiful sites, sounds and smells on this beautiful Andalusian city.

The books are created to inspire children to learn new languages, discover new places and experience new cultures. 

In less than a year, Heidi Bryant has written and self published these three books which have received 5 star ratings and have sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

Visiting the children in primary schools in Qatar is going to be an exciting new chapter and Heidi is really hoping to inspire the next generation of readers, travellers, language learners and adventurers to discover all that this world has to offer…