Celebrating the Release of LITTLE EWE, by Laura Sassi, With a Three-Book Giveaway!

If you thought the cover of this new picture book was cute, just wait until you see inside.

In this gorgeous new picture book Laura Sassi takes the perennial tale of the shepherd who searches for his sheep, rewrites it in perfectly penned rhyme, and also manages to make it a counting book. Little Ewe is a charming new take on an old story.

In celebration of this new release whose birthday is TODAY, I’m delighted to welcome Laura to my blog and thrilled to offer a three-book giveaway, sponsored by Beaming Books. Read on to hear Five Fun Facts from Laura, take a peek inside the pages of Little Ewe and enter the giveaway.

LITTLE EWE:  Five Fun Facts with Author Laura Sassi about her Newest Book

Fact #1: LITTLE EWE is my fifth published picture book and the fourth one that rhymes. From the get-go, I knew this one would be a rhymer because it had all the right components:  a cute protagonist with a fun cast of characters – including spiders, lizards, owls and more, a young audience (I wrote this for littlest readers who LOVE rhyme) and a light-hearted feel, which I think is essential for my rhyming style.

Fact #2: The story is an imaginative retelling of a favorite biblical parable.  Readers of the New Testament will hopefully recognize that Little Ewe and her adventure, which takes her farther and farther from her loving shepherd, is inspired by Jesus’ famous parable found in Luke 15 about the shepherd, who upon discovering that one of his precious sheep is missing, leaves the ninety-nine to find and bring home the one that is lost.  In my retelling, I switched things up a bit by imagining what it might have been like from the perspective of a little lamb who was eager to explore the world around her.

Fact #3: My own little lambs were also inspirational in Little Ewe’s story of being lost… and found.  Just like Little Ewe, when my children were little they loved exploring the world around them. Every once in a while, we’d momentarily get separated — in every instance they were just behind a bush or around the corner — but it was scary so we created a special call to help find each other. For my son, I’d holler, “Ahoy!” and he’d respond “Ahoy, Mate!” and for my daughter, we paired my “Yodel-ai!” with her reply of “Hee-hoo!” We used these for years as a comforting way to keep track of each other and be joyfully reunited. Similarly, in my story, Little Ewe and Shepherd are reunited through the sound Little Ewe’s “Baa…Baa… BAAAA!”

Fact #4: I was delighted when I saw Tommy Doyle’s illustrations for the book. I knew the moment I saw portfolio samples of illustrator Tommy Doyle’s work that he’d bring a fun vibe to Little Ewe’s story.  And indeed, as these final spreads show, he captured Little Ewe’s sense of wonder and joy perfectly.  And in the later spreads, where she’s lost, his illustrations are spot on as well. See for yourself.  Aren’t they wonderful?

Fact #5: I’d love to arrange a virtual story time visit with YOUR school or church or group! Right now, as part of the LITTLE EWE book launch, I’m offering a limited number of 20 minute virtual author visits. Interested?  Learn more on my blog.

Thank you so much for sharing those fun facts, Laura!

Wouldn’t you like to win one of these gorgeous books? One winner will be chosen from this Website, one on Facebook, and one on Instagram. Enter on all three platforms for maximum chances! Contest open until Friday 26th Feb to USA residents only with a physical street address.

Here’s how to enter:

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  • Sharing or tagging friends on any platform = extra entries.

That’s it! Three winners will be announced on Saturday 27th.

Join Laura and Little Ewe for their virtual book launch party on Thursday 25th at 7pm EST.

Download your free Little Ewe Activity Pack to accompany the book.

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