Characters Who Are Just Cinnamon Rolls

Who doesn’t love a sweet character? I mean, sure, we all love the bitter morally gray assassin or the rage-fueled avenger or the smoldering love interest. But is there anything better than finding a character who is just the human personification of sweetness? A little cinnamon bun of a person who you just want to hug? Well, if you’re looking for someone sweet and fictional, I got you! Here is a list of characters who are just human cinnamon rolls!

A Season of Sinister Dreams.jpeg

Prince Kendrik From

A Season of Sinister Dreams

by Tracy Banghart

Prince Kendrik is the sweetest little human who ever did walk this earth. He is so kind and adorable and nothing bad should ever happen to him. Of course, he’s also a prince of a kingdom on the precipice of disaster… so of course something bad happens to him. But gosh darn it if I wish it didn’t!


Alice Cullen from


by Stephenie Meyer

ALICE. Vampire pixie queen extraordinaire! Look, we may all want to be Bella, but we all know Alice is the real star of this show. Is she spacey and a little weird? Yes. But we wouldn’t want it any other way! She and Jesper are the perfect pair, and I love them with all my heart.

That Dark Infinity.jpeg

The Ankou from

That Dark Infinity

by Kate Pentecost

Okay, okay, okay. No spoilers, I promise! I’m just saying, the Ankou is not so fearsome as he may first sound. In fact, he’s… a little weird. And by a little, I actually mean a lot – but what can you expect of an immortal monster hunter? But you know what, if I learned anything from my emo phase it’s that quiet weirdos who wear all black are secretly just little soft boys who could use a hug.

The Inheritance Games.jpeg

Xander Hawthorne from

The Inheritance Games

by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Like the scones he so loves, Xander Hawthorne is just a pastry in human form. He is certainly the sweetest of the Hawthorne brothers, and he makes exploding robots! What more can you want out of the disinherited grandson of a billionaire? But watch out! Xander, like all the other Hawthornes, might just have a few tricks up his sleeves. And scones. He will also have scones up his sleeves. A boy’s gotta eat, right?

Sway With Me.jpeg

Arsalan from

Sway with Me

by Syed M. Masood

ARSALAN MY BABY! Someone protect this sweetheart at all possible costs! He is a bookish nerd! He is an awkward little infant! He doesn’t know how to talk to girls! I love him! Arsalan may not know how to talk to girls, or most other people his age, but I guarantee you’ll fall for him just as hard as I did. Plus, this book has a dance designed to ruin an ill-fated wedding, and if that isn’t just the most brilliant plan, I don’t know what is.


Elijah Vance from


by Kara Bietz

We all love a bad boy, but do you know what’s even better than a bad boy? A bad boy who isn’t actually a bad boy. Elijah Vance has gotten the short end of the stick. People assume he’ll wind up like his screw-up dad. He returns to town with an unsavory past hovering over his head, but really he’s just a cutie patootie who deserves all the love in the world. But will his once best-friend Julian learn to trust him again? And could that friendship turn into something more…? Spoiler alert: squeal-worthy romance ahead!

Our Way Back to Always.jpeg

Sam Alvarez from

Our Way Back to Always

by Nina Moreno

Sammy boy, oh sweet sweet Sam! I love Sam, so much! Not only is he hot, hot, hot. He’s totally got the hots for Lou Patterson – his once best friend now… something else. One disastrous middle-school mistake and four years later, they live in different worlds. But while Sam might seem like the golden boy, he’s mourning the death of his father all while struggling to deal with a future coming on quick. But don’t worry, a bucket list is waiting in the wings to reunite these two sweet peas! Trust me, you’ll love Sam and Lou before it’s all over!