Cover Reveal: Heartbreak Symphony by Laekan Zea Kemp

Tissues please! Heartbreak Symphony is here to break your heart and heal it all over again! Okay, okay, so the book isn’t here here, but it’s gorgeous cover is! Seriously, it’s a beautiful cover – almost as beautiful as the book it contains! Swoony romance and a love of music just oozes off of these pages! Truly, Aarón and Mia are little cinnamon rolls who deserve to be protected at all costs and seeing them struggle through first love and their stage fright was a joy! I may or may not have fully screamed during their first kiss. And I challenge you to read this book without getting a tear in your eye – it won’t happen. But enough of my gushing – take a gander and be amazed!


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Heartbreak Symphony

by Laekan Zea Kemp

Aarón Medrano has been haunted by the onstage persona of his favorite DJ ever since his mother passed away. He seems to know all of Aarón’s deepest fears, like that his brain doesn’t work the way it should and that’s why his brother and father seem to be pushing him away. He thinks his ticket out is a scholarship to the prestigious Acadia School of Music. That is, if he can avoid blowing his audition.

Mia Villanueva has a haunting of her own and it’s the only family heirloom her parents left her: doubt. It’s the reason she can’t overcome her stage fright or believe that her music is worth making. Even though her trumpet teacher tells her she has a gift, she’s not sure if she’ll ever figure out how to use it or if she’s even deserving of it in the first place.

When Aarón and Mia cross paths, Aarón sees a chance to get close to the girl he’s had a crush on for years and to finally feel connected to someone since losing his mother. Mia sees a chance to hold herself accountable by making them both face their fears, and hopefully make their dreams come true. But soon they’ll realize there’s something much scarier than getting up on stage—falling in love with a broken heart.


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About the Author

Laekan Zea Kemp is the author of Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet. She has three objectives when it comes to storytelling: to make people laugh, cry, and crave Mexican food. Her work celebrates Chicanx grit, resilience, creativity, and joy while exploring themes of identity and mental health. She lives in Austin, Texas. Laekan invites you to visit her at or follow her on Twitter @LaekanZeaKemp.