Cover Reveal: Into the Midnight Void by Mara Fitzgerald

IT. IS. HERE. The cover for Into the Midnight Void is HERE.

Okay, now that I have remembered how to breathe, I can tell you that the sequel to Beyond the Ruby Veil does not disappoint! Our little chaos lesbians are back, this time with more bloodshed! And if you’re wondering “but how could Mara Fitzgerald top Beyond the Ruby Veil in bloodshed?” Well, don’t worry. She does. If book one was a chaotic, gothic thrill-ride, book two is the personification of gothic chaos condensed into story form. Seriously, if you have not yet read Beyond the Ruby Veil, please go do. You may not like Emanuela Ragno – but she’s so much fun to watch. And if you have read Beyond the Ruby Veil, I know you’re just as excited as I am to see this cover! So BEHOLD!




Into the Midnight Void

by Mara Fitzgerald

Emanuela has finally gotten what she wanted. Since escaping her catacomb prison, she’s started running things her way. Under her rule, citizens no longer give up their lives at the first, tiny appearance of their omens. As long as they aren’t caught bad-mouthing their queen, they can live out their days like everyone else.

But when cracks in her magic start to show, Emanuela begrudgingly allies herself with her enemies, including her frustratingly alluring archnemesis, Verene. Together, discover deeper truths about the mysterious blood magic Emanuela and Verene both wield. There is a higher, otherworldly authority outside the veils, and in order to save Occhia and the other realms, Emanuela may just have to rip another crown off someone’s head.

Cover art by I Love Dust


Mara Fitzgerald.png

About the Author

Mara Fitzgerald writes YA fantasy about unlikable female characters who ruin everything. She is a biologist by day and spends entirely too much time looking at insects under a microscope. She was born near Disney World and now lives near Graceland, which is almost as good. She is the author of the Beyond the Ruby Veil duology.