digital business models for interactive picture books fundels and digital bundles of-fun

This presentation explores the digital model of Fundels, a global interactive picture book project (  started and supported by almost every publisher in Belgium and the Netherlands (Lannoo, Clavis, Cego, Abimo, Eenhoorn, Gottmer, Kluitman, Unieboek, …). In Fundels – the existing picture books of all those publishers (50 titles at this moment) are converted into digital, published into the general Fundels-platform in Belgium and the Netherlands and can be used as an international format for different platforms and partner-publishers worldwide. The project started three years ago with a lot of research about the potential business simulations. At this moment Fundels is the leading picture book platform for libraries, schools, child day care and speech therapists in Belgium and the Netherlands (B2B markets: each market has his own specifications: for example in the libraries (1700 at this moment) the book consists of a special RFID tag for accessing the digital content at home). In the consumer market the Fundels are offered by specific cards (in the books) which allows children to see the book on their PC, iOS or Android device. And internationally the platform has been rolled-out this month in Denmark. Next year Sweden, Italy, Finland and Korea are willing to integrate the complete business model. Due to the combination of all markets (B2B, B2C and international) and platforms (books, codes, iOS, Android, pc) the project is completely profitable and offers various revenue channels for publishers.