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The perfect book for truck and dinosaur loving kids, theDinotruxseries provides the best of both worlds…dinosaur trucks! Part truck, part dinosaur, these dinotrux are sure to grab young readers attention.  Award-winning author and illustrator, Chris Gall, brings clever characters like, Tyrannosaurus Trux, Craneosaurus, Digasaurus, and Cementosaurus, to life.  Publishers Weeklydubbed the first book in the series a Best Children’s Book and the series has inspired a Nextflix original TV series, so the fun can continue off the page.

In Dinotrux Dig the Beach, the dinotruxs are suffering through a scorching summer heat wave in the Jurassic jungle.  As kids are sure to relate, the dinotruxs are hot and crabby and desperately want to get away, and what better place to escape the heat than the beach?  All the dinotruxs migrate to the beach and have a blast, they surf and play in the sand, but some like the water more than others, and one of the dinotrux band together to rescue their pal from a shark attack.

The dinotrux decide to build the greatest sandcastle of all time but realize that none of them have ever built a sandcastle before so they do not know where to start.  Tyrannosaurus Trux takes the lead and through teamwork the dinotrux make a very cool sandcastle!

An accessible read for ages three to five.  The Dinotrux series offers kids who may be more interested in their toy trucks or dinosaurs to pick up a book and discover that books can be just as fun as toys.

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  • Children will love seeing their own seaside activities… carried out by the Dinotrux…. Fans of the earlier books will want to accompany the Dinotrux on this beach adventure.”

    School Library Journal

    “A masterful combination of childish enthusiasm and rough, tough machines…. sure to have listeners in stitches and looking for more dino fun. Readers won’t want to wait to find out where the Dinotrux will go next.”―Kirkus Reviews

    “The writing is sharp and has some very funny one-liners that both kids and adults will love…. Both admirers of construction trucks and dinosaur-lovers will enjoy.”―Booklist

    Praise for Revenge of the Dinotrux:

    * “Gall’s dinosaur/machine mash-ups are, once again, the star of the show, commanding attention (and generating laughs) in every action-filled, rust-toned scene.”―Publishers Weekly, starred review

    “Young fans of all things big and noisy will make trax for this dynamic dino-diversion.”

    Kirkus Reviews


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