Dreams of Gods & Monsters Reread

The time has come. We shall soon embark upon finishing our read-along of the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series. My heart is 100000000% not ready for this ending, and I am prepared to cry. I expect there will be many tears, and I am both excited and afraid for the heartbreak this book will bring. Seriously though, I hope you all join Mara and me as we finish this epic tale of angels, demons, and love that can transcend war. Omg, I’m tearing up just thinking about it.


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Reading schedule

March 8 – Chapters 1-10

March 9th – Chapters 11-20

March 10th – Chapters 21-30

March 11th – Chapters 31-40

March 12th – Chapters 41 -50

March 13th – Chapters 51-60

March 14th – Chapters 61-70

March 15th – Chapters 71-80

March 16th Chapters 81-Epilogue