“Farmapalooza”– Jill Lord’s New Book, Is On the Loose-A!


Published by B&H Kids Books, in this latest board book, THE GREAT FARMAPALOOZA, by children’s book author, Jill Roman Lord, she toggles eight critters–six on a farm, one from the pond, and one from the air–that together highlight God’s animal creation.

The animals show happy, grinning, and some, laughing faces, with accompanying actions on the book’s eleven, double-paged illustration spreads, and with eleven flaps to open, all craftily drawn by artist Kelly Breemer. The sing-song text mostly rhymes as A-A, B-C-B; and, occasionally rhymes as A-B, C-B–dependent on how each animal sounds.

The theme flows well and delights the viewer; however, many of the words in this board book stretch above the comprehension level for the very young listener. For instance, the words provides, wallow, sheer, offer up, splendor, celebrate, handsome, and joins should be simplified or replaced for easier understanding. Even so, I applaud the message that always resides within Jill Roman Lord’s children’s books–that God is real. God is Creator, and God is Lord of all.

Book Review by Mrs. Patricia Ann Timbrook, PatSays children’s book reviewer, June 23, 2020. https://patriciatimbrook.wordpress.com/2020/06/23/farmapalooza-jill-lords-new-book-is-on-the-loose-a