Freight Train

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Freight Train is a 24-page children’s picture book written and illustrated by Donald Crews. This is a great book for children who are just beginning to show interest in what are on the pages of a book. Freight Train is the perfect book for them to get interested in. Freight Train doesn’t tell a story as much as it shows and explains the workings of a cargo train. For children two years old books and images need to be concrete, and Freight Train provides those things. The powerful and colorful illustrations are eye catching and will catch a young child’s attention immediately. Freight Train not only gives children who love trains something to look at but it reinforces the learning of colors. Children will start to match colors to the words from the book that adults read. As children grow older, they can use the book Freight Train to move from listening to the story, to picture reading and eventually to sight words. The pictures are bold and striking and are even done in a way that show motion.  I loved the illustrations, especially the pictures of the train in motion. It is important to remember that this book works best for younger children from two to three but can be brought back out when a child is learning to read for themselves. Board books such as Freight Train build confidence in a child’s reading ability. I believe once a child has mastered basic reading skills, this book will no longer be of interest. I would recommend this book to parents of young readers and early childhood educators.

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