Fundraising for charity, cats, travel and languages…

When you purchase one of our books, some of the proceeds will go to support children across the globe

I’m super excited to announce the launch of ‘Catnap Stories’
– a series of children’s books to inspire the next generation of children to
love cats, meet new friends, travel the world and learn new languages.

In October 2018, I finally decided to take the plunge and
realise one of my dreams to create a series of children’s books centred around
some of my most favourite things; cats, travel and foreign languages. And,
after having spent 6 months volunteering at Plan International UK in 2017, I
wanted to ensure that I was able to donate some of the proceeds of the book
sales to this very worthwhile charity. In early November 2018, they agreed that
I can do this.

The main idea behind creating this series of books is to
encourage children to learn about new places, people and languages and to
really whet their appetite at an age when maybe language learning is not yet
part of their curriculum and to open their minds to this wonderful skill.

A number of years ago, before I started at Grammar school, I
had a real desire to learn foreign languages, mostly I guess from having been
fortunate enough to have travelled to many foreign countries when I was little.
I was then further inspired by my amazing French teacher at school who really
brought languages alive and is the reason why I am now multilingual. She has
also had a little hand in helping me develop this first book.

Some of the proceeds of the books will go to support
children in countries all over the world. Since 1937, Plan International has
been promoting the rights of children around the world. They operate with their
partners in more than 50 countries and make sure that children in some of the
poorest communities are safe and protected from violence. They provide access
to essential services, including education, healthcare, clean water and toilets
and they are also then when disasters happen. They are also dedicated to
improving girls’ lives globally. By working with young people, they are
challenging gender inequality, campaigning against harmful practices like child
marriage and enabling girls everywhere to build a better future.

Thanks for reading my first blog and Happy Catnapping.

Heidi Bryant – Marketing Director and Author