Give me Smore: a science magazine for girls (and boys)

Magazine subscriptions are a great way to engage reluctant readers. Magazines provide content in bite-sized chunks; almost always contain wonderful photographs, graphics, and comics; and include ideas for hands-on activities. There’s also nothing quite like the feeling of getting something fun in the mail every month with your name on it.

In a post some months ago, I’d suggested a list of nonfiction magazine subscriptions for children of all ages. I recently came across another magazine, a newbie on the scene, that I wanted to add to this list and share with you: Smore Magazine.

Smore started in 2017 with a successful Kickstarter campaign by US-based mom and scientist Sarita Menon, who recognized the dearth of magazines that highlighted the role of women in STEM and made STEM appealing to girls. The resulting bi-monthly magazine for the 7-12 age group appears to be chock full of articles, interviews, and STEM activities, with a particularly emphasis on the many amazing women of diverse backgrounds who have successful STEM careers. While I don’t have a subscription yet myself, I have perused the website, blog articles, and reviews online, and am really liking what I see. Features and bonuses include:

  • 50 content-full, ad-free pages
  • Monthly Ask Me Anything( AMA ) Webinars with Exceptional Scientists, Inventors, and Empowering Leaders.
  • Watch me Work Series with Women Scientists.
  • STEM Challenges with Prizes.
  • Access to Exclusive Smore Subscriber Facebook Community and Giveaways.

Sounds amazing, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. If you have or get a subscription, please let me know what you think of Smore magazine.

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