Jaldi 5 with Bhavana Vyas Vipparthi, illustrator of A Cloud of Trash!

Why did you choose this particular style for “A Cloud of Trash”?
I have always liked working with mixed media. The story “A Cloud of Trash” lent itself beautifully to this medium. The impact of a huge cloud of garbage hanging over her head could only be brought about if it was, in fact, real garbage.

Have you always been environmentally conscious – would you share any particular changes you’ve made in your life/ lifestyle?
Garbage and managing our own waste has always been a subject close to my heart. I have worked on designing home composters in design school, and have always segregated, composted and recycled/ upcycled as much as possible.

What would you like kids to “take home” from the book?
If the book can start a conversation about waste and how we can each look after our surroundings, I think it is already on the right track. Instilling a sense of awareness of the problem is the first step.

What would a sequel to “A Cloud of Trash” be like? 🙂 
Maybe Cheekoo can go on a holiday to a big city and see a giant cloud of trash handing over everyone in the sky.

What’s been your experience of One Day, One Story?
This is my first time with this event. I am eagerly looking forward to being a part of it.

Aaaaand you can come, watch Bhavana tell us the story of “A Cloud of Trash” this Saturday at Cubbon Park!