Kat Kong

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“Kat Kong” is a clever and uproarious children’s book from the author Dav Pilkey. “Kat Kong” uses things children love (animals, pets, movies, feindly monsters) to tell a story that adults will love to read and children will love to hear. “Kat Kong” retells the familiar story of the ape King Kong, except using a cat as Kong and mice as people. Dr. Varmint and his beautiful assistant, Rosie Rodent, discovered the mighty Kat Kong and managed to capture him by tricking him into a trap using a giant can of tuna. However, Kat Kong escapes and rumbles the streets of Mousopolis creating havoc and mayhem. The hero in the story, Captain Charles Limburger, must swing in to action to save Rosie Rodent and the city of Mousoplois. Dav Pilkey not only makes it fun for children to read and hear “Kat Kong” but he also puts pieces of cheesy fun in the words and pictures for adults.Lines like, “As they sailed back to the great city of Mousopolis, they took special care not to let the cat out of the bag”, are in the book and will make adults groan with satisfaction upon reading them. The illustrations are done in a unique collage style using photos of Mr. Plikey’s own cat, Blueberry, to represent the mighty Kat Kong. “Kat Kong” is a wonderful book for preschool and Kindergarten aged children. “Kat Kong” delivers silly, enjoyable fun for all those reading, hearing and looking at it.

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