Katt Vs. Dogg

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This is James Patterson at his best. The prolific author has long been a fan favorite of adults and kids alike with him ability to tell concise and creative stories that readers of all ages can’t put down. I started reading this book to review from the point-of-view of a middle grade reader, but found myself pulled into the plot almost instantly, I was turning pages as fast as I would any of his adult novels.


            In the world of Katt vs Dogg there is the prim and proper Katt population which is foiled by the more fun-loving and free spirited Dogg population. Each side as their inherent biases against the other and intermixing and friendships are heavily discouraged as stereotypes and misconceptions abound. When Oscar who is a rambunctious, lovable Dogg who’s family loves to give their neighbor Katt’s a hard time, gets lost in the woods with Molly a pretty, successful, and highly educated Katt from an elite family of Katts the two are forced to work together to survive.


            This book brought humor, sincerity, and a fascinatingly original insight to a tale of tolerance and acceptance. In fact, more than just a book about accepting differences this is a rare story about celebrating them. Molly and Oscar have to learn not only to survive together in the wild, but also to survive as friends when they emerge back into their respective societies and help unite two cultures that have far more in common than either of them expect.


James Patterson is, without a doubt, the world’s most trusted storyteller and I was thrilled with this recent release and have my fingers crossed for additional installments!

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  • “Patterson and Grabenstein really work the notion here that cooperation is better than prejudice founded on ignorance and habit…A waggish tale with a serious (and timely) theme.”―Kirkus Reviews
  • “This mash-up of farce, fable, and slapstick ultimately delivers a profound and relevant message.”―Publisher’s Weekly


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