Learning into Light

Hi friends,

Thank you for following along and for your encouragement. I wanted to update you that I’ve changed the name of the site and the corresponding account on Instagram, etc. So that’s why you’ll see Learning into Light now instead of Scuola a Casa.

Learning into Light just seemed to better illustrate the themes that are coming from this ongoing reflection of our family’s journey (and it’s a little easier to type and share!).

For me, so much of learning is about light. It helps me shine a light on my own biases and basic lack of knowledge about so much in the world. At the same time it shines a light on others’ experiences, other cultures, other worlds previously unknown to me.

Learning is a 🔦 that uncovers mysteries in the dark and also shows me when I’m way off the path. It’s a lot bigger than what happens in a one room schoolhouse! Learning is everywhere in everything.

I also believe that the more I learn, the more I love. And that helps me become more of the light I want to be in the world.

Thanks for coming along and being curious about learning that can lead us into….and turn us into…light. ✨