Lion of the Sky Haiku for All Seasons

Lion of the Sky Haiku for All Seasons by Laura Purdie Salas features a beautiful collection of haikus that are easy to read and understand for its target audience.

Lion of the Sky is broken down into the four seasons, which is perfect for teachers looking to carry something throughout the school year. 

I love summer fields-

   left field, right field, center field

I fly to them all!

The above is my son’s favorite haiku in the book. He loves baseball, so when he read this he immediately said “YES!”

Children can easily relate to many of the haikus in the book, we had a very lively discussion each one as we read through this book.

The first day of school haiku was daughter’s favorite:

my first-day outfit

is fresh paint and polished floors-

here come my new friends!

Many children can relate to first day jitters and how most feel it is important to look your best the first day, and making new friends. 

Overall Lion of the Sky was an enjoyable book for the entire family. Lion in the Sky allowed us to have a very lively discussion, take a trip down memory lane, and just laugh and have fun. This is certainly a book I can see us reading on another Friday night as we wind down for bed. 

Highly recommended.

I received a copy of Lion of the Sky from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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