LITTLE Words Do Matter a LOT in “JUMBO COLORING BOOK”, a PatSays Christian Book Review


Like crackers and soup, kids and coloring go together. The combo repeats itself from one generation to the next. There’s simply something warming about putting colors to paper that never grows old. Every year new coloring books are produced, purchased, and enjoyed by kids worldwide. Twenty twenty is no different.

In the new JUMBO COLORING BOOK– with illustrations based on original art by Holli Conger– a B & H Kids Little Words Matter Series, young children will not only spend many hours coloring; but, they will also see throughout the entire thick book, the A,B,Cs; some simple counting; learn about manners and thankfulness; be introduced to the Son of God, Jesus; and, will hear about God the Father’s love.

JUMBO COLORING BOOK, with almost 400 pages, is loaded with big and simple outlines  of happy people and friendly animals; and asks easy questions. Even in a coloring book, B & H Kids publisher maintains its mission for connecting children with adults: on the last page called, “Parent Connection”, are included the standard “Read, Remember, and Ask Your Toddler” summary.

JUMBO COLORING BOOK is COLOSSAL on compilation, GREAT on variety, and GIGANTIC on fun.