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“Malice” by Pintip Dunn is a young adult mystery novel that is relevant as ever! When a high school aged Alice suddenly starts hearing voices her entire life is altered in ways she never could have imagined. Alice is your typical high school student, her older brother Archie on the other hand, is a certifiable genius. They attend a school for the gifted and as Alice soon finds out, not all gifted science students have humanities best interest at heart. The voice speaking to Alice warns her that 2/3 of the worlds population will be wiped out by a man made virus in the future and one of her schoolmates is the creator. When a voice from the future tells you to stop the person behind the virus to save the fate world you have to listen right? It sounds easy enough, except the mythical, mysterious and sometimes unbelievable all knowing voice doesn’t seem to know who the creator is! It’s hard enough being a teenager, go ahead and add save the world to the list of insurmountable daily obstacles and see how you react. Fortunately for us readers Dunn has done this for us with the beautifully written, joy ride of a book! The mystery will keep you guessing, the action gasping and the science behind it all truly fascinated. I highly recommend picking up this easy yet thrilling read. With all that is going on in our world at the moment I can see some people wanted to hold off on this book but I happen to think its a perfect to time pick it up, let your mind drift into the story and apply what you now know about viruses and how the world handles a pandemic.

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“The author’s heart and craftiness make a sequel welcome.” (Kirkus Reviews)