MMM Cookies

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“MMM, Cookies” is a deliciously hilarious children’s book from the writer/illustrator team of Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko.”MMM, Cookies” is the story of Christopher. A boy who makes two cookies from clay and gives one each to his parents. For some reason the parents bite into the cookies only to make the most hilarious noises spitting out what they ate. The parents feeling tricked call Christopher’s teacher and tell her of what happened. The teacher makes a cookie of her own from clay and pulls the same trick on Christopher that he pulled on his parents. This is followed by Christopher and his classmates making a giant actual cookie for Christopher’s parents to make amends for the clay cookies Christopher gave them. “MMM, Cookies” is a fun little morsel with several clever crumbs, but is not the full jocular meal that Robert Munsch and Michael Marchenko have given us before. The story itself isn’t as fun as his other books for adults to read. However, Mr. Munsch still gives us the repetitive phrases and rib-tickling sound effects that children love and that makes reading fun for them. Michael Marchenko delivers wonderful art similar to that of animated cartoons. The art in “MMM, Cookies” is all at once child friendly as well as eye catching for adults. Keep an eye on the pictures in the background to see smaller funny stories happening and point them out to the children you read to. “MMM, Cookies” is a solid addition to the line of stories that Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenkohave put out, even if it isn’t the main course that others have been. 

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