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Purpose-driven Kid’s Book Reviews

Welcome to Dad Read It First! where I pre-read the books that eventually land in the hands of my 3 kids in an effort to re-enforce morals, ethics, and cultural standards as they come across them.

I’m a parental “sherpa”, I guess- helping my kids to react for themselves during the Joplin Tornado in

Reading Quizzes

I’ll also link the Teachers Pay Teachers sites for each book that I review. If you’re looking for reading comprehension quizzes to “ruin” the long summer break or need home school material to quiz your growing readers, this site is a great marketplace.  No affiliation or incentives, just a huge fan! (And Thank you, Teachers!!)

Book Report Spot Check

There’s also a section in each/most/some of my reviews (it’s a nascent idea, forgive the early under-commitment) that I call, “Did your kiddos really read it…?”. 

 Still working with the content and length to find the right blend, but if you want a quick rundown the plot, new vocab words, or maybe some starter questions to get your kiddos talking about their book, this will be a good place to start.  Plus… if I do it right, you won’t have to read your kid’s book report selection (the night before it’s due) to know that they nailed it! 


I love food!… Food and “book chat” pair so well, I think! From time to time, I might share a favorite recipe that fits the book on display!  Think Robin Sloan’s, Sourdough…coupled with the best buttermilk sourdough pancake recipe this side of the 1930’s. 

Again, Welcome and Enjoy!