Paul Rhodes: TOC Highlights-1188

March 13, 2013

Despite all my years in publishing and media, this is my first Bologna, so I’m hugely excited about TOC. The programme looks awesome – it’s always inspiring to hear Dominique Raccah at these events, and I’m somewhat aggrieved that I can’t clone myself at this point – there are a number of really interesting sessions I can’t be at, like the one on Digital Storytelling for instance, something I’ve written about in the past.

Two of my old colleagues in the Business Intelligence field are speaking about Trends and Forecasts  – so I’ll definitely be lurking around that particular session with lots of awkward questions for Ann Betts and James Howitt. Big data is a constant theme around any kind of content publishing and marketing, these days, so I’ll be interested to hear what they are up to.

I am (un?)fortunate to be on two panels – the first is exploring how content for the Children’s Digital Content Market is developed. It’ll be fascinating to see how different the development choices can be and how that compares to the games industry. Is there a responsibility to promote learning and literacy via design choices? 

The second is treading more traditional ground in Navigating the Digital Landscape, but with a great mix of panellists – people involved in development, a retailer, a publisher, technical standard bearers, and me. We’ll be discussing how far epub3/html 5 can go, and how those formats stack up against current apps, sales channels, and hardware issues. Expect some forthright views from all involved – this will be a lively and informative debate, and I’m looking forward to a challenging and energising day.

See you there!