Plan a Valentine’s Day Date, Get a Book Boyfriend

Plan a Valentine’s Day Date, Get a Book Boyfriend

You know the name of the game – you plan a Valentine’s Day date, and we’ll tell you who your book boyfriend is. It’s as straight forward as that. 

Grayson Hawthorne from The Inheritance Games

Grayson Hawthorne is the ultimate Valentine and you cannot change my mind. One of four (FOUR) hot billionaire brothers, he is the reserved prince of the group. Okay, so technically he was disinherited from billion-dollar inheritance. He’ll be fine. The point is you know he would do something utterly lavish for Valentine’s Day. Can someone say Per Se?

Wrath from Kingdom of the Wicked

Wrath, Wrath, Wrath. As one of the Wicked (aka a prince of hell, I kid you not), Wrath is as sexy as he is mysterious. I mean, he is a literal prince of hell. What do you expect a date with him to be like?! It’ll be fantastic and probably a little scary. But who doesn’t love some thrills!

Danyal from More Than Just a Pretty Face

Oh, Danyal. Sweet, stupid Danyal. He may not be the sharpest tool in the box, but my goodness he is a cutie! Besides his very handsome face, he has a penchant for cooking and a heart of gold! The rest of the world may underestimate him, but you know what a catch he is! Never mind that you are guaranteed an excellent meal if you’re going on a date with Danyal. Quality foods only!

Edward Cullen from Twilight

Edward, the ultimate vampire sadboi, has stolen your heart and we all know why. If playing piano and having otherworldly beauty wasn’t enough, he’s a classic romantic! He’ll wine and dine you all night long, being the perfect image of the respectable gentleman. If you want a date that feels like something out of a movie, you’ll have it with Edward!

Prince Castian from Incendiary

Prince Castian, the penultimate of the misunderstood, brooding villain. But is he a villain? I won’t spoil the end of Incendiary for you, but perhaps he is not as villainous as he first appears. Perceptions can be deceiving. I will say, if you go on a date with him, you’ll discover he may not be as brooding as you once suspected. Oh, he’ll still brood, but he can be flirtatious and fun. And sexy. Mostly sexy.

Where will you be going?

What will you be eating?

And for dessert?

What gift would you like to receive most?

What gift will you be giving?

How will the evening end?