Playtime and Say-time: “BIG and Little ACTIVITY DEVOTIONAL”, a PatSays Kids’ Book Review

Ever seen an upside down, doing-stuff, type of book for children AND adults? You will see this and a few other surprises, in BIG and Little ACTIVITY DEVOTIONAL, written by award-winning author, Rachel Swanson, and illustrated by Jacy (Jackie) Corral. In this second Big and Little book, from B & H Publishing, the writer blends together a unique reading/learning style for a child and an adult to do together–a playtime-, to say-time, to bond-time. This book of seventy-two pages of puzzles, games, and questions, provides hours and hours of things to do. Packaged in this turned-around format allows an adult to sit on one side of the book, in front of the child; and the child, to sit opposite the parent or adult–resulting in easy eye contact.

The multitude of healthy and honest questions provided for the adults to ask, seem to rise above the thinking levels of most kids, the youngsters who might settle into the “coloring book/elementary” chart levels. Exceptionally, some kids will “get it”, and will respond with intelligent answers. Yet, even if the activity book’s users skip over the “reading-questioning-listening” parts, and colored the pages only, the parent/child together situation offers closeness and sharing. With its juxtaposed layout, bible-based information, and a variety of things to do, BIG and Little ACTIVITY DEVOTIONAL can create interesting spaces of time on any boring and rainy afternoon.