Press Here

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More is less is a hard idea to incorporate when trying to make a children’s book, However, in the children’s book Press Here, Herve Tullet not only accomplishes that but with few words he is able to relay a book that becomes volumes of fun. When a children’s book can engage children where they are developmentally that book becomes an important tool for a child. Press Here is not only my child’s favorite book (and has been for several years) but is perhaps one of his most important learning tools. Press Here makes it possible for children to picture read as well as use their imagination that in turn gives children a chance to expand their language and literacy skills. Press Here tells the children to press/touch the yellow dot on its cover, and follow the instructions within which will bring them on an imaginary journey. Every page in Press Here gives the reader something to do. Press Here includes instructs the reader to do such things as press the dots, tilt the book, shake the pages as well as the expectations of some unknown payoff when they do. Children as well as grown ups will smile and laugh as dots grow in number, move themselves, flip-flop, and grow bigger. The most wonderful thing about Press Here is that this all happens on a flat book page! As my child got older, we began to research some of the actions from the book, that began just as fun pictures on the page. I guess what would really be the best recommendation for Press Here, is that at the end of the book it asks the reader, “Want to do it all over again?” and the answer is always a resounding, “YES!”. Press Here by Herve Tullet is recommended for children and adults for all ages.

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