Reading With Your Kids Podcast Featuring Heidi Bryant

Books are truly magical. They can actually take you around the world!!

In December 2019, Heidi was invited to take part in a podcast with the amazing Jedlie from Reading With Your Kids, a series which is broadcast across the United States of America. You can now listen to this podcast



Children’s author Heidi Bryant, will be treating us to an inspiring look at her children’s book series ‘Catnap Stories‘, and how she combines her love of cats with her passion for languages and travel by writing the stories that she has now started to create for children!



for a link to take you straight to the interview and discover more about Heidi, her books and the adventures that you will experience in her Catnap Stories Series.

Interview Talking Points & Questions:

  1. Tell us about your main character Vince that takes us around the world, and what inspired you to write catnap stories books for children?


  2. Vince Discovers the Golden Triangle

    (Catnap Stories Book 2) takes you on a journey to one of the most incredible places in the world; India. Please talk a little about this culturally diverse and ancient country.


  3. There are 28 or more official languages spoken in India. Please talk about the importance of teaching different languages to kids at a young age


  4. Tell us about

    Vince Goes to Paris

    (Catnap Stories Book 1)


  5. Books are truly magical. It can take you to the past. It can give a glimpse into the future and it can actually take you around the world.


  6. Your third book,

    Vince Discovers the Wonder of Seville

    (Catnap Stories Book 1)

    , immerses children into the city of Seville and to Spanish. What inspired you to write this one?