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Looking for a fun and educational book for your science loving child?  Then look no further than SEEDS by Ken Robbins. Perfect for children starting to read on their own.  The simply text paired with the eye-catching photographs will grab the attention of any nature loving child.

Robbins explains how all plants begin with a seed. Seeds come in all different shapes and sizes and go through different processes before becoming a flower, a tree, a fruit, or a vegetable. Spring and Summer is when the fruit seeds blossom into cherries and plums, or watermelon which instead of only one big seed has many little seeds! Or wheat which when combined with water, flour, and a little bit of yeast becomes bread. Acorns are also a type of seed, and when squirrels burry seeds to save them for another day they sometimes forget where they hid the acorn and years later that acorn becomes an oak tree. Or if your child has ever made a wish on a dandelion he or she has helped transport those seeds so that they can settle in the ground and blossom into new dandelions. There are also seeds that do not grow in the ground but grow in water.  Like the lotus flower which produces a fruit that has seeds that are transported downstream.

SEEDS is a great book for kids ages five to ten.  It is well suited for kids who love science and nature, and great for teachers to use in grades one to three, to assign to children or to read together as a class.

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  • “With its interestingly composed, close-up color photos, this book explores a variety of seeds and their methods of dispersal. The text is simple enough for independent reading; however, some of the concepts are not adequately explained.” (School Library Journal)