SIR SIMON: SUPER SCARER by Cale Atkinson / Book Review #SirSimonSuperScarer

Written & Illustrated by: Cale Atkinson
Published by: Tundra Books
Released on: September 4th, 2018
Ages: 4 & up
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Rating: 5 Owlets
An ebook was provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review

A delightful, funny story of friendship, ghost chores, a spooky house and a professional haunter.

Meet Sir Simon, Super Scarer. He’s a professional ghost who has been transferred to his first house. And just in time! He was getting tired of haunting bus stops and forests and potatoes. And to top it off, this house is occupied by an old lady — they’re the easiest to haunt!

But things don’t go as planned when it turns out a KID comes with this old lady. Chester spots Simon immediately and peppers him with questions. Simon is exasperated. . . until he realizes he can trick Chester into doing his ghost chores. Spooky sounds, footsteps in the attic, creaks on the stairs — these things don’t happen on their own, you know!

After a long night of haunting, it seems that maybe Chester isn’t cut out to be a ghost, so Simon decides to help with Chester’s human chores. Turns out Simon isn’t cut out for human chores either.

But maybe they’re both cut out to be friends . . .

A fun Halloween read. Sir Simon is the kind of ghost you’d want to make friends with. He is really friendly. He teaches readers what life as a ghost is like, and in the process he makes friends with a young boy who’s not afraid of ghosts. Believe it or not, even ghosts have chores. Though Sir Simon’s chores seem a lot more fun than the mundane ones we all have to do.

Though this book is the perfect new release to add to your Halloween picture book collection, this story comes with a beautiful message as well. What Sir Simon and the young boy teach readers, is that despite having differences, you can still be friends with those who are different than you.

If the story and the message weren’t convincing enough to pick up this book, the illustrations are. These illustrations are lively. I’ve never thought of a ghost as cute or adorable, but Sir Simon is. Cale Atkinson is one of our favorite illustrators. When you pick up this book, you’ll see why. If you’re looking for a new book to add to your Halloween picture book collection, add this one! Really, this one can be read all year long. I’m sure Sir Simon would agree. After all, ghosts like Sir Simon love to hang around all year long.