Something Good

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As an early education professional and child advocate, I cannot recommend the books of Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko more. I have used their books for years to develop lesson plans that capture the interest of children ages three to five, as well as having good laughs with children in my family and their books at home. The first book I always introduce is called “Something Good”. “Something Good” is about a little girl names Tyya who goes to the grocery store with her father. Tyya’s father will not let Tyya buy any “sugary junk”, and only want something good for Tyya to eat in their cart. Tyya tries her luck with getting things like cookies, ice cream and candy bars but is unsuccessful in changing her Dad’s opinion. Her Dad finally gets fed up with Tyya’s “help”, and tells her to"Stand here and Don’t Move!". After her Dad tells her that things become really silly and fun. “Something Good” is not only fun and will have you and your children laughing, but introduces important topics to talk about. Follow up conversation topics include healthy eating, self-value, math/money, and manners. Michael Martchenko’s art is colorful and cartoony. Children identify with the images and they help draw children into the story of “Something Good”. “Something Good” will make children discover their first favorite author and will be excited to read more from Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko“Something Good” is a great book for both children and adults.

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  • “Martchenko’s exaggerated illustrations are a splendid complement to Munsch’s direct and pleasantly repetitive narration. The author’s popularity is already widely established, and this title should do well both in libraries and bookstores serving children of preschool and primary grades.”
    —Library Journal


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