The Carrot Seed

<p>Children learn in many different ways, and books for children that embrace that idea are the best. The Carrot seed by Ruth Krauss is a great example of one of those books. The Carrot seed supports those learners that are linguistic but also those who are naturalistic. As a parent and an early education professional The Carrot Seed not only makes reading fun for children but embraces a topic that I think is important for children to learn to love ,,, gardening. The Carrot Seed is about a little boy who plants a seed. As often happens adults around the child tell him that planting the seed will never work and nothing will grow. Thankfully the child doesn’t let adults deter him and continues through the steps of planting the seed, and patiently waiting for what he knows is inevitable. The reward for the child’s perseverance and attention to the seed is the biggest carrot anyone has ever seen!  The Carrot Seed was published in 1945 but it still teaches the importance of patience, love for people, places and things and perseverance. The story is wonderfully simple and easy to follow. The Carrot Seeds works as a picture book, as well as for those children who are prereaders, and in the process of reading. The illustrations are done by Crockett Johnson (Harold and the Purple Crayon) and are as simple and bold as the story itself. The Carrot seed is a treasured classic with important messages that still ring true to this day. I recommend this book to every family and children of all ages!</p>”


  • “…Young readers will learn the values of conviction and faith in this warm children’s tale.” — Beliefnet


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