The Eiffel Tower Prophecy

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“The Eiffel Tower Prophecy” by D.B. Gilles is filled with the sort of enchantment and adventure that makes putting it down a struggle! When Peter Hillyer, the renowned fact checker is found dead in New York City’s Central Park at the feet of Cleopatra’s Needle, a beautiful Egyptian obelisk which was erected in 1881 no one knows why. Among the unanswered questions are,, why was Peter Hillyer is found wearing 19th century clothing with 19th century French franks? Also in possession was a ticket to the Louvre and a receipt from an upscale Paris restaurant dated 1889. If these details weren’t odd enough, just next to his body they also discovered an elaborate piece of jewelry called the brimstone. Now this piece of jewelry is no stranger to odd, murky situations which gives it quite a disturbing history. Despite all of this the case is closed and young Dalton at just 10 years old is left without answers. That is until we fast forward seven years to a random phone call from a woman named Juliet who seems to have some information regarding his father. Juliets sister Eliza went missing on the same night that Daltons father was discovered in the park. Could this be coincidence? Juliet sure doesn’t think so. She believes that Peter used the brimstone to unlock the secret of time travel and took her sister along for the ride. As wild as this seems to Dalton, Juliet knows she’s peaked his attention as they both want answers, what happened to to his father Peter Hillyer and why didn’t Eliza come back? Dalton and Juliet begin their quest for answers with the help of Proctor Newley, the curator of The Morgan Museum. It seems traveling back in time was the easy part and getting back is going to take some ingenuity. Back in time they encounter a grisly man by the name of Luger Pabst, a mercenary employed by a shadowed figure known simply as The Duchess.

Twists and turns lead our dynamic duo though 19th century Paris searching for answers only to find out they re unable to return to the 21st century. That is until the team up with Gustave Eiffel, the man behind the construction of the tower baring his name. Do they find the answers they set out for? Will they make it back to present times? Do yourself a favor and find out!

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