THE WAY TO THE SAVIOR, A FAMILY EASTER DEVOTIONAL, by Jeff and Abbey Land, a PatSays Children’s Book Review


The word, “way”— like the Grand Canyon’s layers upon layers of rock– is packed full of meanings. In fact, the English and Filipino dictionaries include around 19 descriptions each; in Hebrew, “way”, (or, “DereK HaYashar“), lists thirty some. Here, in their title, THE WAY TO THE SAVIOR, a Family Easter Devotional, authors Jeff and Abbey Land use the same word, way, but preface with that tiny word, THE. These same two words were spoken by JESUS to his disciples in John 14:6a: “I am the way, the truth, and the life;”.

JESUS, too, is always the main character, directly and indirectly, in children’s books published by B&H Kids; and, The Way to the Savior, A Family Easter Devotional, takes no exception:

1. Biblically-based. A 112-page picture book that contains short devotions about hope, love, and thanksgiving, accompanied with bible verses, brief prayers, and understandable examples for young children.

2. Attractively packaged.Formatted into the 40 days of Lent, the six-weeks in March and April of each year prior to Easter when many Christians “give up” something, to remind themselves of JESUS’ sacrifice for sin on the cross of Calvary.

THE WAY TO THE SAVIOR, a Family Easter Devotional, clearly explains the meaning of Easter (or, as many Christians refer to it as, “Resurrection Sunday”); it expands the reading to suggested activities, and includes a few surprise other kinds of to-dos, here and there. Throughout this picture book, artist Diana Lawrence created dozens of illustrations in a familiar technique–“cutouts-and-torn-paper-on-top-of-colorful-backgrounds”– which both complement and express the texts, the scenes, and the people, and all without a single animal anywhere. Her animal-less artwork allows the reader to focus on the most important person, and the most important event in Christianity : JESUS, the SON of GOD and His rising from the dead. THE WAY TO THE SAVIOR A Family Easter Devotional,  freshly reiterates that JESUS is THE Easter; JESUS is THE Resurrection; and JESUS is THE Way.

THE WAY TO THE SAVIOR, A FAMILY EASTER DEVOTIONAL, by Jeff and Abbey Land, a PatSays Children’s Book Review