The Wolves in the Walls

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Neil Gaiman, perhaps most famous for his adult fiction novel American Gods, which has been adapted into a series for STARZ, and his children’s book Coraline, which was adapted into a film by Tim Burton, teams up with world-renowned artist, designer, and film director. Dave McKean to bring us The Wolves in the Walls.  Gaiman has written over twenty books, many of them children’s but has also penned  comic books, graphic novels, nonfiction, audio theatre, and films.  He is a great author for children with a love of reading, espeically a love of all things creepy.


The Wolves in the Walls follows Lucy, who lives in an old house with her parents and brother.  Lucy hears something sneaking and creeping in the walls and tells her family that there are wolves in the walls.  They all laugh at her and say its just mice, rats, or bats, and that the wolves can’t come out of the walls because “If the wolves come out of the walls it’s all over.”

Of course Lucy is right and the wolves do come out of the walls.  The family is forced to sleep outside in the cold until Lucy suggests that they now go inside and live in the walls.  When they see how the wolves are partying and destroying their home they can’t take it and the people now come out of the walls and it is all over for the wolves. 


The spooky tale paired with the Tim Burton esque art work is sure to thrill children. Best for ages eight to eleven, a great book to crack open before Halloween.

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  • “Gaiman’s text rings with energetic confidence and an inviting tone. McKean expertly matches the tale’s funny-scary mood.” (Publishers Weekly (starred review))
  • “This is a picture book for the twenty-first century child: visually and emotionally sophisticated, accessible, and inspired.” (ALA Booklist)
  • “Children will delight in the “scary, creepy” tone and in the brave behavior displayed by the intrepid young heroine.” (School Library Journal)


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  • Instructions by Neil Gaiman, 2015
  • What There Is Before There Is Anything There by Liniers, 2014