Through the Looking Glass is back

Dear Book Loving Friends,
It has been months since I connected with you and I imagine some of you have thought that I’d fallen off the face of the earth. For some years now I have been ill, getting sicker and sicker with every month. After trying everything under the sun to improve my situation, I finally found a doctor who was willing to do the surgery that I needed. I was just starting to recover from that when I caught the dreaded Covid monster. Honestly, I have had the worst luck lately. I am finally able to breathe normally again – mostly – and am back at my desk trying to pick up the pieces of my former life.
Yesterday I launched a new issue of the Through the Looking Glass Book Reviews for the month of June. In this issue I celebrate some of my favorite books. Some are considered classics, while others hopefully will become classics in time. While I was sick, I often turned to this old and new friends for solace. It is hard to be completely miserable when you are spending time with Eloise, Pooh, Paddington Bear, Maisy Mouse, and Harry Potter.
Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some stories about the books in this collection that I hope will interest you.