Tips on how to inspire your child to learn Italian

We reveal some top tips on learning Italian for children.

If you can make children excited about a topic, then it doesn’t feel like education. At least that’s my philosophy. 

At Catnap Stories® we believe in making learning fun by creating some exciting adventures centred around our beloved feline friends and in particular, following the antics of Vince the Cat.

Our latest book, The Adventures of Vince the Cat – Vince Goes Motor Racing in Italy adds another high octane twist into the language learning mix. Where we see Vince and his friends from all over the world that he has met on his travels come together to race at one of the world’s most iconic racing circuits; Il Autodromo Nazionale di Monza.

Our tips for encouraging language learning:

1. Embrace the things that the Italians love! 

And, it just so happens that motor racing is one of those things. The ‘Tifosi’ are a specific group of people who make up the supporters of the Scuderia Ferrari – Ferrari Motor Racing Team and form one of the largest crowds at the race weekend. All wearing their bright red T’shirts and caps and often seen lighting red flares in the sky when their driver wins the race.

2. Learn the small things!

Language learning can sometimes feel like a chore – but it really doesn’t have to be. Consider learning some of the phrases that is in everyday use that you might not necessarily find in educational textbooks; slang, idioms and filler words. Writing ‘ha ha’ in English becomes ‘hi hi’ in Italian. And, something very apt for a book about cats is how to say or spell meow! Essential for any cat lover! Miagolano is written as ‘miao’ in Italian

3. Face your fears and practise saying what you’ve learned!

Very often languages have rules in pronunciation and Italian is no different, once you know the sounds of specific letters or groups of letters, say the word and repeat it a few times to get used to it. Practise makes perfect. When I’m learning a new language I practise by speaking to my cats! Well, they’re not going to laugh at me right if I get it wrong!

4. Making mistakes is ok!

You definitely can learn more if you make a mistake. Identifying and correcting something means that you are more likely to be able to grow and learn, it gives you the opportunity to work at areas that maybe you’re not so good at.

5. Use different resources to engage with the language.

Books, TV programmes, music, cartoons are all fun ways of discovering a new language. 


The Adventures of Vince the Cat – Vince Goes Motor Racing in Italy