Toot and Puddle

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The Toot & Puddle series written and illustrated by Holly Hobbie presents a wonderful opportunity for children four to seven to learn to read independently. Toot & Puddle You Are My Sunshinetells the simple story of a sad pig who is made happy again after a big thunderstorm.  While Puddle tries to cheer Toot up, children are reminded of the lengths that friends go to for one another.  Toot & Puddle You Are My Sunshinealso shows kids that is also okay to be mopey and sad sometimes for no reason at all “sometimes you need a big whopping thunderstorm to clear the air,” as Toot says.

This is a delightful series, and You are My Sunshine does not disappoint.  One cannot read these heartwarming tales, and see the adorable Toot and Puddle, along with their other friends in Woodcock Pocket, without smiling.  Hobbie keeps the stories simple so children can enjoy them on their own without the help of a parent or teacher.  However, the simplicity of the stories does not take away for the important morals Hobbie is trying to convey. 

Toot and Puddle are an excellent pair of buddies on par with Frog and Toad, You Are My Sunshinetakes the unique approach in demonstrating that there are times in a friendship when one friend may not be able to make another feel better when he or she is down.  There will be times in a child’s life, and in adults’ lives for that matter, when friends need space and time to find their own happiness. But it is helpful for them to simply know their friends are there for them if when the thunderstorm passes and they still need some cheering up.  Again, Hobbie keeps the story itself simple but the message is a rather complex concept that even adults can learn from. 

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  • “Gentle watercolors add a light touch to Toot’s malaise without compromising the compassion found in this graceful treatment of a delicate issue.” Kirkus Reviews“The cartoon illustrations are right on target in portraying the gist of the story and the characters’ emotions, from the initial downcast, self-critical Toot to the carefree, puddle-skipping piglet at the end.” School Library Journal

    Praise for the Toot and Puddle series:
    “In the great tradition of Frog and Toad and George and Martha come Toot & Puddle, a pair of pigs that have delighted young readers (and older ones) since their debut.” Publishers Weekly

    “Toot and Puddle [are] on the fast track to literary immortality.” New York Times Book Review

    “Every new Toot and Puddle adventure is an eagerly awaited event.” Kirkus Reviews


  • Nonni’s Moon, Julia Inserro