Try this Treehouse

I had a Eureka! moment at Lightroom, one of my favorite bookstores in Bangalore, this summer. You see, I have been searching long and hard for an engaging, illustrated series for the 7-11 set that isn’t saturated with middle-grade cynicism, loser-cool, or gross-out potty humor (Books, I love you guys, but you know who you are!). And when my eyes alighted on The 13-Story Treehouse by Andy Griffin and Terry Denton, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

Born from the limitless imagination of this author-illustrator duo, the Treehouse series features the freewheeling adventures of two friends as they navigate life on and off their multi-level treehouse.

And this isn’t just any old treehouse folks. What started out as a mere 13-story abode has now expanded to 91 (and growing) floors of wackiness, stuffed with every conceivable feature a kid could think up. Times machines, shark tanks, life-size ant farms, chocolate waterfalls, everyday-is-your-birthday rooms…it’s all there, balanced on the branches of one very forgiving tree. The series is wildly imaginative and goofy, with great text-to illustration ratio for reluctant readers, and plenty of details and asides to pore over during read-alouds. Highly recommended.

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