Unicorn Day

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Yay! Yay! It’s Unicorn Day!


If you are looking for a bright, jolly, romp of a picture book you need look no further than Unicorn Day this year.


All of the unicorns have gathered to celebrate their favorite holiday of the year, a day of sweets, and rainbows, and games. Everything goes as planned until an imposter is discovered in their midst, an event that forces the unicorns to consider what really makes them a unicorn at all.


There is a great message of inclusion here, though more subtly and artfully delivered than comparable books I have reviewed, but at its hear this is just a brightly colored, incredibly fun book that your child will want read to him/her over and over again. I admire the messages delivered, but sometimes not unlike film and television it is a joy to bask in a work of art that is just pure fun. This is what Diana Murray has delivered in spades, and even the most hesitant reader or listener won’t be able to hide from the infectious enthusiasm and positivity that erupts from each and every page of the gorgeous, brightly colored, picture book.

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“It’s Unicorn Day, a celebration of unicorn pride, style, and having “fun, fun, fun!” In a woodland landscape, the unicorns slide down rainbows, dance with butterflies, and catch cupcakes raining from the sky, and a full spread depicts an epic “Glitter Fight!” Readers are sure to wish for their own Unicorn Day (and they’ll want to mark their calendars for April 9).”–Publishers Weekly

“Fabled equines party and play in a bright confection of a picture book. Give this to the sparkle- and cupcake-obsessed child in your life.”-Kirkus